Filminstalation with Lothar Wandrey
Here is the version for the screen: A woman and a man in different places project themselves with film projectors at each other. The projectors become independent and meet in the zoom, while the couple does not come together.

  • Lutz Mommartz /

  • 1968 /

  • 11 min - 16mm - b/w

  • H.P. Kochenrath, Film, Jan. 69spacer

  • "Counterpart", another two screen cinema movie, was first performed here. On one screen you can see a man operating a 16mm projector, on the other a girl dancing.
    The idea is that a fiction -the picture of the man who presents a movie- creates a reality - namely the film with the dancing girls. In Düsseldof this idea, however, was not clear -because the projectors are placed in front of the screens, and so were so visible to the audience . So this leaded to a different Situation: the projectionist performing his activities in front of screen that he makes on the canvas in the film behind him. Thus Lutz Mommartz proves that he can cope with all eventualities. Thanks to his variability, coincidences and mishaps are easily integrated into his program.

  • Film im Untergrund, Ullstein, 71spacer

  • In "Counterpart" image and reality coexist: A man and a girl project at each other. They exist with the real projector in front of the screen in which each a movie is showing behind them an image performing the same activity.
    There is also a version, performed in Munich, where only the two movie pictures face each other, projecting from the rear through a hole in the projecting screen.