Filminstalation with Sigmar Polke and Kiki Meyer
Here is the version for a canvas: A man and a woman at different locations. The woman visits the man. In a pillow fight places and pillows swirling back and forth.

  • Lutz Mommartz /

  • 1968 /

  • 23 min - 16mm - b/w

  • H.P. Kochenrath, Film, Jan. 69spacer

  • In "Right / Left" (24 min) appears on the left screen a room with a woman on the right one with a man. Both people are bored. Finally, the woman leaves her room and emerged a little later on, on the other screen with the man. He is going for a coke.
    Meanwhile the women changes the canvas and the rooms again. He comes back and is alone again. Then begins a huge pillow fight, the cushions fly from canvas to canvas, feathers whirl and in Kassel quite real: Mommartz threw feathers in a large fan.
    His plan also to let the audience throw cushions, could not be realized, to his regret.
    Finally both counterparties are exhausted and rest in their rooms. The projection beam becomes visible in the cigarette smoke and is the only remaining communication: From the underbelly of the man the smoke shoots across the room in the pants of women.
    At the beginning of 1968 in Kassel Documenta Lutz Mommartz launched attempts to work with two screens in the "Cream Cheese", that was established temporarly during the exhibition as a branch office.
    At a distance of ten meters he mounted two opposite screens (between tyhere was a dance floor). In every canvas he had cut a hole ("The destruction of the screen is important. One must have no reverence for the image.", quoted Lutz Mommartz ), behind each of which a projector was positioned to throw his picture thru the hole to the oposite canvas.