Egon Wolke

Egon Wolke

Actor: Egon Wöstemeier
Camera: Egon Mann
Production: Gustav Ehmck
Predicate: valuable
Portrait of a painter by passion, who earns his money in a burlesque way as a custodian in uniform in a park.

  • Lutz Mommartz /

  • 1965 /

  • 11 min - 16mm - b/w

  • Dan, RP, 4.3.66spacer

  • "Egon Wolke" is a painter by vocation. He earnes his money in a very prosaic way as a custodian in a Park. Is the bohemian irritating the in order oriented custodian, or do both characters get along with each other? It is the director attempt to tell in a short, partly a tight visual language underlaid only with music and sounds. He wants to find new forms of expression. Sketchy, visual driven, he invents a visual expression of a very special kind. The director believes that each generation possesses its own optical perceptivity.
    Mommartz looks with this experimental film for a "visual language". One can notice in this film along some failures a certain craftsmanship. Beneficial is the absense of voiceover.