Oben / Unten

Up / Down

With the Rockband "The Iceni" and NN
Five men in white clothing floating against a black background. And in the split screen above the torso of a man. Below the lower body of the dancing girl from the "dance loop".

  • Lutz Mommartz /

  • 1967 /

  • 4 min - 16mm - b/w

You can also download the movie here at: archive.org

  • Lexikon des Neuen Europ√§ischen Filmsspacer

  • More complicated is "Up / Down", that recorded alternately in slow motion and normal recording five male dancers and a female dancer. The image is divided horizontal in the middle so that the body of a man can be combined with the one of the girl. Then the camera is rotatet around the axis and in a different order again combined shots follow.