Der gerechte Krieg 1525

The fair war 1525

Two synchronized 16mm projectors for special double projection standing side by side.
With Hartmut Kaminski and the Filmgruppe Düsseldorf
The film is a summary of the historic Peasant war in Germany 1525.

  • Hartmut Kaminski and Lutz Mommartz /

  • 1975 /

  • 30 min - 16mm - color

  • Südwestfunk, Baden Baden, K.U. Reinke 8.11.1975spacer

  • 600 seats were not enough. Like in 1967, when Germany's socio-critical experimental filmmakers rouse the Oberhausen West German Short Film, fans, interested parties and contributors this time stood and squatted the corridors and on the gallery of the "Film Forum" of Düsseldorf.
    This is the evidence that the name Lutz Mommartz did not loose anything of its appeal since the secondary Experimental Film Festival in Knokke / Belgium 1968. Even if Lutz Mommartz made himself rare since then. Ever since the revolt-time from the end of the 60 years Lutz Mommartz is integral part of the "Düsseldorf Film Group" whose collective acted as "Publisher" for this new film. Production: Hartmut Kaminski and Lutz Mommartz! "The jfair war in 1525". A West German contribution to the 450th anniversary of the medial Peasant War.
    Ssimultaneously projected from colored celluloid and two projectors on a canvas - 30 minutes. Mommartz / Kaminski "The fair war in 1525" with its ambiguous aggressive title is a film, which presupposes everything - imagination and skill. An artifact whose style was born out of necessity. What can not be seen, must be imagined. And so "The fair war in 1525" become a synthesis of the two important movements of the 60s: The socio-critical rebellion and the expansion of the formal possibilities. 15.000 Mark (~ 7500 Euro) were provided by the artists promotion program of the city of Düsseldorf for purposes of basic research.
    That remained basically all the money that was put into this project from the outside. The rest was financed from resources of the filmmakers. And all who participated, did it for free. And there were quite a few! So this film with the running time of half an hour about the Peasants' War on German soil, whose main events took place within half a year - "The just war in 1525" by Mommartz / Kaminski - above all is a accurate reflection of the conditions for film in the North Rhine Westphalian region: there in fact are no such.
    The two 16mm projections are seamlessly side by side on the screen. The idea is not new, but can lead to a fascinating irritation. For example, when panning, the left image shows feudal scenes; In the right image corresponding peasant ambient. Simultaneity of parallel assembly!