Die Schiller

The Schiller

With Brigitte Schiller and Wolfgang Domke
At the climax of her career, the Schiller decided to do something different.

  • Lutz Mommartz /

  • 1976 /

  • 30 min - 16mm - b/w

  • Lutz Mommartzspacer

  • In 1968 I made with Wolfgang Domke -an art and architecture student from Düsseldorf- a film about his vision of the future.
    It became a testimony to the impotence of the individual, to understand and redesign the world. Six years later I met his girlfriend Brigitte Schiller. As the owner of an agency in a professional and personal changing situation she became for me a medium that was able to represent the absence of content of the city.
    She told me that she made her careers just to prove her father. A year later you see them together pregnant with the man from "Overstrained".

  • A film portrait of a successful owner of a model agency, who found herself in a professional and personal upheaval situation.spacer

  • The conversation remained inconclusive after the shooting, because the raised questions stood without answers, answers, that could have completed the film. A year later, an opportunity came by. Brigitte was heavily pregnant and prepared to appear in front of the camera with her companion Wolf Domke (known from the film "overwhelmed") while listening to the first conversation.
    The fact that Brigitte wasn´t happy in her situation did not made a reason for the author (Mommartz) to interrupt the film, especially since it was natural for him that the recordings should continue. This is known as part of Mommartz style of direct film and the freedom of art. Brigitte Schiller and Wolf Domke therefore continued to play.
    Both have presented themselves and are responsible. There was no otherAgreement.
    Nevertheless, Mommartz had then complied with the wish of Brigitte, not to show the film to the public for the time being, because this might have affected under some circumstances her career. Now, 45 years later, Brigitte still wants to ban the performance, but Mommartz does not allow anymore to be hold, because everyone involved should have understood right now, that this film as a testimony of importance.