El periodo especial

The special period

Fidel Castro
As on a journey to Cuba by a speech from Fidel Castro before his Parliament that was transmitted in television a film was made. (original epic sound)

  • Lutz Mommartz /

  • 1997 /

  • 53 min - Hi8 - color

  • Lutz Mommartzspacer

  • A severe hurricane, which devastated parts of the island the day before, just decays. I turn on the TV in my hotel room and without understanding Spanish I hold my video camera on the screen: Fidel Castro before his parliament, hanging on the lips. He is in the middle of one of his great speeches which will take 50 minutes.
    I ask for a pillow because my arm is paralyzed, my neck becomes stiff, the eye is sweating, but I do not stop filmimg.
    While the sound continues unedited, the picture from time to time is interrupted with tourist photographs and television images of the disaster.