Die Schiller

The Schiller

With Brigitte Schiller and Wolfgang Domke
At the climax of her career, the Schiller decided to do something different.

  • Lutz Mommartz /

  • 1976 /

  • 30 min - 16mm - b/w

  • Lutz Mommartzspacer

  • In 1968 I made with Wolfgang Domke -an art and architecture student from Düsseldorf- a film about his vision of the future.
    It became a testimony to the impotence of the individual, to understand and redesign the world. Six years later I met his girlfriend Brigitte Schiller. As the owner of an agency in a professional and personal changing situation she became for me a medium that was able to represent the absence of content of the city.
    She told me that she made her careers just to prove her father. A year later you see them together pregnant with the man from "Overstrained".