Volume 6

  • Lutz Mommartz /

  • 2007 /

  • ISBN 978-3-939777-10-6 2007

Margret von Lutz Mommartz

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  • Margret G., born in 1929 in Tecklenburg, was my partner since more than 45 years. With metastases in the abdomen, she fought the last years of her life and spend her last days in a hospice in Düsseldorf Germany.
    When I said goodbye to her to go to sleep in the evening of August 15, I was surprised by her call later that evening. She had taken of her clothes and wanted me to come to take a picture of her: "A picture for the art".
    I was irritated when I drove to her and I went without my camera, because she always had refused to be photographed. It was then when I saw her in front of me, that I realized what was goning on. The next day I fulfilled her desire - as if it was mine. With taking pictures of her we fulfilled miraculously both our lives.
    Margaret's letters from August 1957 to March 1961, her death on 16 /17 of August 2006 (taken with a video camera) and extracts from her travel logs and her last notes.

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