text 2003/06

Volume 5

  • Lutz Mommartz /

  • 2006 /

  • ISBN 3-936363-41-2 2006

text 2003/06 von Lutz Mommartz

  • Lutz Mommartzspacer

  • The continuation of the book text 2002/3 also consists of mails and text messages in the original form without omissions or corrections. However, unlike in this language mesh text 2003/6 hides itself completely in a visual poem.
    Layout with 18 columns per double page . Courier New font 11.5 flush right, spread with 4.5 pt and compressed with 3 pt line spacing, so that the letters overlap each other in half. However, watching at a screen the letters do overlap only the lower halves. The printing process makes it visible by cutting off the top half of the letters and with the other lower halves a new font is created.
    For the sake of authenticity the text is available in a easily readable form at archive.org. Involved with which the publication has not been discussed, remain anonymous .

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  • is printed in the edition of 200 books and can be ordered with the auther himself.