text 2002/03

Volume 4

  • Lutz Mommartz /

  • 2005 /

  • ISBN 3-86516-425-0 2005

text 2002/03 von Lutz Mommartz

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  • The newspaper reading in the internet still was for free. I moved with 68 years to Berlin to witness the descent of the city after the reunification before it might eventually rises up again.
    While reading the SPIEGEL in the internet I came across one onlinepartnership agency, that started to establish them at that time in the internet. Quite unintentionally an exchange developed with multiple mail partners. I fell in love a few times. Two relations went beyond. And here with the background of a forty year old community with my partner in Dusseldorf a new love story evolved. The idea of finding material for a time map , leaded me to save the correspondence.
    text 2002/3 (ISBN 3-86516-425-0) is a book that consists of mail and SMS - in their original form without omissions or corrections. It was joined in "Justified" in four seamless columns to a language mesh. So it is to the reader to associate in the sea of ​​words or to embark on the search for the intimate story. The mail data are underlined, the SMS data not.
    For the sake of authenticity the text is available in a easily readable form at archive.org. Involved with which the publication has not been discussed , remain anonymous .

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