Die italienische Jagd

The italien hunt

With Bernhard Wallasch, Hubertus Müll, Eva Nölle, Manfred Behr, Bernd Conrad, Clemens Reinders u.a. at the Abbadia Ardenga near by Montepulciano
Students portraits on a field trip to Tuscany.

  • Lutz Mommartz /

  • 1986 /

  • 28 min - 16mm - b/w

  • Andreas Wilink, DN 14.9.90spacer

  • The italien hunt extends the early self-confrontation to a group picture. Here indeed we have a hunt, but nobody gets killed. Lutz Mommartz elicits confessions from students and friends in the painting like beauty of a summer estate. If he cuts from a tentative opinio ninto the blue sky, then he proves his capability to flaunt secrets without being a voyeur or a thief of intimacy.
    He has confidence in faces, and gives that feeling back to the performers. Withstanding the view of the camera, hence also the eye of the spectator grows to a nonviolent duel. But the picture and sound are often separated from each other in order to emphasize their togetherness. Practical theory, analysis of the situation.